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1. Purtilo Trashes Del. Dwyer and others
2. GOA praises Del. Dwyer
    Who do you believe? Purtilo or GOA?

3. Purtilo vs. Purtilo - Who to believe?
    Purtilo 2005? or Purtilo 2006?

4. Purtilo's Complaint - Del. Dwyer
    favors the Constitution - Really!

5. The facts refute - Purtilo's latest
    story is divorced from reality!

6. Dumb! - Now MPFO wants Dwyer out
    to get more effective gay bashing

7. What a Coincidence - Purtilo &
    Palmer join to elect Palmer's dad

8. Election Aftermath #1 - Purtilo talks
    trash to excuse his ineffectiveness

9. Aftermath #2 - Purtilo/MPFO spends
    less than $1 of every 2 collected
    supporting pro-gun campaigns

Del. Quinter attacks semi-automatic rifles again. Take a look at our campaign broadside

Sunset of the AW Ban

        Gun-grabbers employ the big lie technique (or here). The most striking example of the big lie is Michael Bellesiles' book Arming America which claimed that guns were rare in Colonial America among other improbable assertions. MCRKBA has a page of links to give you an entry into this Bellesiles fraud and identify some of the more important sources refuting his lies.

        Information collected here on Casper Taylor or Timothy Ferguson was used in election material (see Heads on Pikes) to defeat these gun-grabbing politicians. MCRKBA has an on-going effort to collect information about the activities of legislators for use in political campaigns.

Democrats Pick New Guns to Ban

Maryland Democrats are up to their old gun banning ways -- this time with long guns -- click picture to read about gun bills being considered.

        For those looking for advice on what to buy as a first gun for self-defense some ideas are presented in the article buying a handgun. Of course, Maryland does not allow carrying a handgun for self-defense without a permit.

        IF, perhaps, you fear guns and lack knowledge or experience with them, training is available from NRA certified instructors.  However, if you have never fired a gun, don't want to have guns, and want more more controls on the law-abiding, then you might find a better place to visit is here.

        We have gone to great lengths to make accurate the material on this site.  However, the information provided by this site is not to be considered as legal advice.  Because MCRKBA is a voluntary association of concerned citizens, in no way is MCRKBA or any of its agents responsible for the actions of our members or site visitors.  MCRKBA members and visitors are obliged to obey the law, and each is responsible for their actions.  Also, because this web site is a Free Speech Zone, opinions, ideas, beliefs, suggestions, practices and concepts throughout this site may or may not represent those of MCRKBA or any of its members.  All rights reserved.  Permission is granted to reproduce the contents of this site for non-commercial purposes provided that the reproduction is complete for each web page and that the contents are not altered in any way.

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