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These links are to paragraphs of selected Maryland Code articles. You may follow links at the end of these articles to reach other paragraphs within an article.

The link Maryland Code is to a version maintained by a private company (Mitchie).  It appears the state of Maryland has discontinued the maintenance of its own code listing.  Mitchie's directory appears superior to that Maryland supplied and is worth exploring to become familar.  Unfortunately, it appears that Mitchie swaps around the links to paragraphs on a regular basis and the links below may no longer work a short time after they are found.  You may be able to find the desired paragraph by drilling down from the main address Maryland Code.

Maryland Code
1.1 Adoption of Code not to affect vested rights, existing contracts and liabilities, or pending suits and prosecutions.
1.2 Prosecution for offenses previously committed
1.24 Age of Majority
1.25 Citation of unnumbered revised articles. (and links to articles!!!)

Article 2B Alcoholic Beverages

Criminal Law Article (also, we've found this source for various Maryland Law Articles links in the COMAR)

      Subtitle 1 General Provisions
      4-101 Dangerous weapons
      4-102 Deadly weapons on school property
      4-103 Disarming a law enforcement officer
      4-104 Child's access to firearms
      4-105 Transfer of switchblade or shooting knife
      4-106 Bulletproof body armor - Wearing prohibited
      4-106 Same - Permit to use, possess, or purchase.
      4-108. Target practice or discharging gun or weapon.
      Subtitle 2 Handguns
      4-201 Definitions
      4-202 Legislative findings
      4-203 Wearing, carrying, or transporting handgun
      4-204 Use of handgun or antique firearm in commission of crime
      4-205 Other limitations on sentencing
      4-206 Limited search, seizure, and arrest
      4-208 Possession of firearm at public demonstration
      4-209 Regulation of weapons and ammunition. (State preemption on firearm laws)
      Subtitle 3 Assault Pistols and Detachable Magazines
      4-301 Defines "assault pistols" for Maryland
      4-302 Scope of subtitle
      4-303 Bans Assault Pistols
      4-304. Same - Seizure and disposition.
      4-305 Magazines with a capacity greater than 20 rounds may not be transferred in Maryland
      4-306. Penalties.
      Subtitle 4 Uniform Machine Gun Act
      4-401 Defines machine guns for Maryland (definition is buried, but there)
      4-402 Possession of machine gun
      4-403 Registration of machine gun
      4-404 Use of machine gun in crime of violence
      4-405 Use of machine gun for aggressive purpose
      4-406 Uniformity
      4-407 Short title
      Subtitle 5 Destructive Devices
      4-501 Definitions
      4-502 Scope of subtitle
      4-503 Manufacture or possession of destructive device.

Public Safety Article

   Title 5 Firearms
      Subtitle 1 Regulated Firearms
      5-101 Definitions (including "assault weapons" defined for Maryland)
      5-102 Scope of subtitle
      5-103 Effect of subtitle
      5-104 Preemption by State
      5-108 Criminal history records check (of applicants for a dealer's licence)
      5-117 Application for regulated firearm required
      5-118 Firearm application
      5-119 Exemption from certified firearms training course requirement
      5-120 Copies of firearm application; fees
      5-121 Investigation of firearm applicant
      5-122 Disapproval of firearm application
      5-123 Time for licensee to complete transactions
      5-124 Secondary transactions
      5-125 Approved, on hold, and disapproved applications
      5-126 Hearings
      5-127 Judicial review (State Government Article. TITLE 10. Governmental Procedures;
         Subtitle 2. Administrative Procedure Act - Contested Cases links)
      5-128 Purchases within 30 days - In general
      5-129 Same - Multiple purchases allowed
      5-130 Gun shows
      5-131 Handgun identification requirements
      5-132 Handgun safety devices
      5-133 Restrictions on possession of regulated firearms
      5-134 Restrictions on sale, rental, or transfer of regulated firearms
      5-135 Regulated firearms subject to seizure
      5-136 Straw purchases
      5-137 Out-of-state purchases
      5-138 Sale, transfer, or disposal of stolen regulated firearm prohibited
      5-139 False information or misstatement in application
      5-140 Transporting regulated firearm for unlawful sale or trafficking
      5-141 Knowing participation in straw purchase
      5-142 Removal or alteration of identification mark or number on firearm
      5-143 Knowing participation in violation of subtitle
      Subtitle 2 Rifles and Shotguns
      5-201 Definitions (various firearm types)
      5-202 Scope (Excludes antique firearms)
      5-203 Possession of short-barreled rifle or short-barreled shotgun
      5-204 Purchasers of rifles or shotguns
      5-205 Possession by person with mental disorder
      Subtitle 3 Handgun Permits
      5-301 Definitions
      5-302 Handgun Permit Review Board
      5-303 Permit required
      5-304 Application for permit
      5-305 Criminal history records check
      5-306 Qualifications for permit
      5-307 Scope of permit
      5-308 Possession of permit required
      5-309 Term and renewal of permit
      5-310 Revocations
      5-311 Informal review of Secretary's action
      5-312 Action by Board
      5-313 Failure to return revoked permit
      5-314 Carrying, wearing, or transporting handgun while under influence of alcohol or drugs
      Subtitle 4 Handgun Roster
      5-401 Definitions
      5-402 Application of subtitle (including limits to liability for criminal use of firearms)
      5-403 Regulations
      5-404 Handgun Roster Board
      5-405 Duties and procedures of Board
      5-406 Manufacture or sale of handguns
      Subtitle 5 Cease Fire Council
      5-501 Council Defined
      5-502 Cease Fire Council
      5-503 Purpose and duties
      5-504 Cease Fire Council Grant Program
      Subtitle 13 Militia
      13-101 Militia Definitions
      13-201 Application of title; amendment or repeal of title
      13-202 Militia Membership (consists of able-bodied individuals . . . )
      13-203 Classes of Militia (organized and unorganized)

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